You can never have enough storage. Whether it is to tidy up those treasured keepsakes, jewellery or even to keep the car keys tidy and safe in a beautiful box, why not give one as a present with their name or the date on it.

   What a way to present a ring (with one of our small boxes), or a document like that ticket for day at the track, a cup game or car keys & insurance.


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Below are some of the boxes, some are in stock and others give you an idea of what we can do.  
 For requests to personalise or details for any of these boxes please contact us, and we will be happy to talk to you about any aspects.       It could be worth viewing the gallery or the blog, where there is more information and products.

Dragon, Large  Box laquered, Sold

Bow & roses jewellery medium box

Humming bird and flower,oiled finish. Sold

 Striped heart & Rose small box, lacquered              

Two little lovely shabby sheek boxes, blue in stock £4 + p&p

Butterfy Box, approx 10cm square 7cm tall,       Sold

Dragon spoon, 1 week lead time £4 +p&p

Celtic pencil, paint brush, domino box, Sold

Personalised, stained and lacquered 

Dragon box, antique finish, Sold

Money box with bottom access, lacquered   Sold           

Small boxes, app 7cm x 5cm, 5cm tall. The dragon features a gold chest, star in stock £4 each + p&p

Double rose wooden box, approx 13cm x 9 cm, 7cm high, Sold

A mixture of wands that are in stock, £6 each +p&p

Heart & rose large box, Sold

Round heart box, antique finish

A selection of our favorites

Is there a little wobble? Here is a box to save

the fairy rummaging around under that pillow       

A sweet keep sack box for little Oscar

small round box approx 8cm round and 6cm high, hearts and celtic shamrock designs

10" Celtic plate Sold