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We are so pleased with a current commision that we hope to bring the medal box frame to our shop. So for those of you with a proud collection of service medals, you will be able to display them on the wall in a hand made deep glass fronted frame. Of course we can personalise them as well, so please do check back to see this.


Price List

Please note all prices listed are guide prices due to the wide range of options we offer. Please contact us to clarify any style, colour and writing options. We are happy to answer any questions promptly. Discounts may be available if items are purchased in bulk.

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Gallery Prices

Key Rings                                 £1.75

Picture Frames                        from £4.00

Spoon Numbers                       £1.50 each - 8 for £10

Spoon Thoughts                       £2.00

Salad Tongs                               £2.00 - £2.50

Coasters                                      £2.50 each or £4.00 a pair

Joss Stick Holders                    £2.00

Eggs                                             £3.50 each or £4.50 packaged

Egg Cups                                     £2.50 each or £9.00 for 4

Boxes:-  Small                            £4.30 & £5.00 (with latch )

               Medium                        £8.40 - £10.00

               Large                             £8.40 - £10.00

Letter Opener                             £2.50

Door Knob Signs                        £3.30 or £6.00 for 2

Swords:- Prince/Princess         £9.00

                  King ... & Symbol      £12.00

                  King ... & Posh Symbol £14.00

                  With leather handle extra £2.50

House Sign                                   £9.00

Clock - log slice, dots                 £20.00 starting price

Crafters Picture Frames            £5.00

Wedding Price List

Table Timbers                             £8.00

Place Names :- Slot Logs          For 50+ £0.55 each

                            Diagonal Logs £2.00 each + £0.20 for date on underside

Heart Table Number                 £9.00

Guest Book                                  From £30.00 with 100 pages A5

Log Slab 8-12"                             £20.00 plain / £30-£40.00 personalised

Eggs, 2 part                                  £3.30 Personalised add £0.50

Small Box                                     £4.00 Personalised add £0.50

Well & Easel Hire                       £55.00

Wooden Cake Stand Hire         £25.00