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Up date

Posted by Alistair Rance on Monday, June 23, 2014,
With the new arrival of the shopping cart, the site is going to be changing a bit. For now we have been updating the main gallery with new pictures of our goods in use which will stay with us, as we love to see them in action.

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off our trolley

Posted by Ali Rance on Tuesday, June 17, 2014,

Well, we are nearly "off" the set up of our shopping trolley. The plan is that our site trolley will be on line very soon, to start with the wedding items will be available. But rest assured it will not be long after that the rest of our range will be available direct through the shopping cart. We still need to hear from you though (we love a chat) for you details and ideas for the items that need personalising. Exciting times :)

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Links, to places we like & places that may help you.

Leather To Treasure, A really fantastic crafts man with much experiance and qualifications. They will make shoes, bags, cups and repair sadles and car interias as well. Do have a look
Leather To Treasure

Florist, run by a very friendly lot making amazing arrangements, They even have a licence so they can deliver a drink as well.
Charmaine of southsea

Wedding stationary, and much more.
Run by Carol and her team offering tailored stationary and event planning.

Wooden Jewlery, truley amazing work. Well worth a look

Before the big day, 100 ways to personalise your wedding and much more.
Before the big day