I am sat writing this at my computer whilst physically shivering where I am so cold! As a couple we have 4 weddings to attend this year as guests. Both of our brothers are getting married and we each have a cousin getting wed. I love weddings and as the first wedding is not until the end of March I am hoping that the weather is going to warm up. I love the cold, but not the greyness that comes with winter, which is why the last few days have been gorgeous. The skies have been blue, the sun has been shining and it has been windy to help dry the washing. I think it is actually the first time this year I have managed to get the washing out on the line!
We are also busy making items for our clients weddings. This weekend we have been busy stencilling, burning and painting eggs. It is very therapeutic consistently painting purple hearts on the eggs, but they do take over the dining room table whilst they are drying.
Hope everyome is having a lovely day. We are off to watch Blackadder tonight at the Ferneham Hall. A rare opportunity to go out minus the boys - rather looking forward to it.