Weddings & Celebrations
    Here we hope you find some little gems that can shine and really bring the theme together with an added personal touch for your special day.
There are items for favours and gifts that can be personalised in many ways. Log coasters for the table flowers and a keepsake for years to come. Or even post it on to that relative or friend who could not make the day. Giving them a little something actually from the day to keep.
    Then there is the Wishing Well. What would you wish for on that big day? Just let your guests know there will be a Wishing Well at the main venue to keep their cards and good wishes safe for the day (the well is fitted with a discrete lock). As the generations get older and wish to join together it is more common for the happy couple to already own many of the household essentials and, a monetary gift to be given to help for the honeymoon or the new nursery. Each couple are different and the well can be used in many ways.
    Don't miss the poems beneath the well pictures, these can also be hired and come in a beautiful
frame raised up on a table
top easel next to the well. This will help the guests understand your choice to use a wishing well with a happy note, especially if you use our cup with chocolate hearts as a little thank you to them.
    The sweet cart is a really great way to bring a little fun to your big day. It's not just for the kids, we have seen that just as many big kids love this.
The wishing wells, sweet cart, cake stands and poem/easel are all rental items, helping keep the cost of your day down. The wells are delivered to the venue for £55 for 24 hours. For any other requests do not hesitate to get in touch and ask, you don't know until you ask. We always try our best to  accomodate your wishes.

Click on any picture to enlarge and see a breif discription.

 To buy any of the above items please browse the price list page and contact us. This is the best way for us, as we offer a very wide range of styles and options so we can give you exactly what you desire to make your day special and unique.

Here are the poem choices for the easel:-


                 Wishing Well poems           


1      This wishing well is here today for family& friends.

Bring an envelope, make a wish and please drop it in.

As it falls into the well, your token and wishes,

Will help them begin, with more than hugs & kisses.


2 Because at first we lived in sin

We’ve got the sheets and a rubbish bin

A gift from you would be swell

Or a wish and a donation in our well

But your attendance here today

Means more to us than we can say


3     A wishing well we thought would be great

(but only if you wish to partake)

A gift of money is placed in the well

Then make a wish … but don’t tell

Once we’ve replaced the old with the new

We can look back and say it was with thanks to you!


4       To support us on our special day

you may wish to follow tradition and bring a gift,

or else you may like to help us make our

honeymoon a little bit more special.

So here today is a wedding wishing well.


                5         More than just kisses so far we have shared,

Our home has been made with Love and Care,

Most things we need we’ve already got,

And in our home we can’t fit a lot!

A donation to our wishing well would be great,

Only if you wish to participate.

As your attendance here on our day,

Means more to us than we can say.